Do you have a research project that focuses on urban issues, civic management, or other public policies? Do you use civic or open data sources? Are you interested in showcasing this work on a higher-profile, public platform and impressing employers by linking to it from your CV or LinkedIn?

One of SUDS’ main products is our blog that features original student research. We hope the blog will raise awareness of interesting topics in urban data research and applications, aggregate and highlight the great work coming from CMU on these topics, and aid students’ professional development by providing a higher-profile platform to publish and link to their work.

Final projects, systems projects, and just-for-fun projects are all good candidates for submission. We would love to include your work! Research can be in-depth analyses or quick experiments—just pieces that capture something interesting about urban issues using data. We’d especially love to feature work using data from the new Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (

Additions to the blog will be made on a rolling basis throughout the year, and we would love to have repeated contributors! So please keep feature possibilities in mind as you select your projects for this/next semester.

To keep a standard format, we ask that you follow these guidelines when writing up your research post:

  • Audience: write for an educated, policy-focused audience; interested in data, analytics, and policy issues, but not with an overly technical background. (See for a good example of this balance)
  • Word Count: 500-1000 words. Please submit an executive summary of longer papers.
  • Graphics: are great! Please include 1-2 if possible.
  • Submission format: Word document with text and graphics embedded, as well as any original graphics files (.PNG or .JPEG preferred) attached.
  • For group projects, names and permission from all authors of the project is needed to post.

We’re open to hosting alternative formats (such as Storymaps or other interactive features) if you’re willing to work with us to figure it out.

Please submit your work or any questions to Thank you! We’re excited to feature your work.