Students Using Data for Social Good (SUDS) is a student group that brings together the vast (and growing) array of disciplines that contribute to the conversation of how cities are adapting new methods of “big data” collection and analysis to improve their service delivery, from providing water and police protection to repairing infrastructure. Additionally, the democratization of data and cities’ new “open data” policies are revolutionizing the way citizens interact with their cities, including the emergence of a burgeoning “civic hacking” scene where average citizens use this newly-available open data to create tools, visualizations, and awareness to help improve the lives of other citizens.


Since its founding in August 2015, SUDS has grown to over 100 members representing 5 different colleges and 20 different programs across Carnegie Mellon University. From urban design to electrical engineering, policy to philosophy, our students work in diverse teams tackling some of Pittsburgh’s most pressing issues, including police accountability, bicycle usage, and combined sewer overflows.

This site is our home for hosting student data projects, sponsoring a systems project for Heinz students, and hosting nationally-recognized speakers on the topics of open data, Internet of Things, and smart infrastructure.

Click here to read the official SUDS Constitution.

To keep up to date with SUDS or to get in touch, join our listserv, follow this site, check us out on Twitter @sudscmu, or email us at

The SUDS Executive Board for 2018:

SUDS Heinz Activity Fair Fall 2018

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrew Butcher says:

    Greetings SUDS’ers,
    I may have a potential project – but am curious who is a part of the group these days.

    Perhaps a phone call in August might be best?


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