About SUDS

Students Using Data for Social Good (SUDS) is a student group at Carnegie Mellon University dedicated to both generating awareness and creating practical solutions for social justice issues. We do this by collaborating with non-profits and government organizations on data-driven projects that help better the lives of people in and around the Pittsburgh community. 

We prize enthusiasm and effort before skill set. Our projects help members develop their skills, including data analysis (Python, R), data visualization (R Shiny, GIS, JS), machine learning, and project management. One of the most important parts of the SUDS experience is our mentorship. We learn from each other and help each other grow.

Finally, we are open to all. There is no pay to play with SUDS. It’s as simple as this: our members are the folks that show up. You can keep up to date with projects, workshops, and events in the SUDS community by joining our TartanConnect group and following our Instagram.

Key programs

  • Data projects: Projects: We work with community organizations who need help in analyzing or understanding the data and connect them with SUDS members who have skills in data analysis, data visualization, or data science. Projects are a great way for members to apply what they are learning in classes and workshops while giving back to organizations that may not have the capacity to do the project in house.
  • Workshops/Lunch & Learns/Speaker events: Workshops are designed to teach members new skills they don’t receive in the classroom or elsewhere. Typically, a SUDS member, partner, professor, or local community member will come and share their expertise in a specific program or software. Past workshops have included Tableau, R Shiny, Javascript D3, visualization, Mapbox, and design thinking.


Since its founding in August 2015, SUDS has grown to over 100 members representing 5 different colleges and 20 different programs across Carnegie Mellon University. From urban design to electrical engineering, policy to philosophy, our students work in diverse teams tackling some of Pittsburgh’s most pressing issues, including police accountability, bicycle usage, and combined sewer overflows.

Join us!

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“We Use Data To Impact Our Community “