Work Night: Hacking & Fracking

Environmental Sensors HackNight
We are going to be using the ESDR dataset collected by various sensors across the country. The data is collated by CMU Create Lab.
  1. Follow this link, and download the dataset (or from here and select PGH_Sensors_Data.csv if that link doesn’t work).
  1. For simplicity, we filtered it only for Pittsburgh and only the sensors that have been active. If you need more data, it can be collected through
  1. The file is a CSV file, with columns indicating the name, id , location of the sensor, and the observations it has been collecting, and at what times.
  1. Load the file into R, iPython, or wherever.
You can also check out other cool visualizations on this data here –
Discuss your ideas, cool observations here: Environmental Sensors HackNight
Sample Ideas for the ESDR data
  1. Mapping the sensors, and visualizing the pollution levels based on the neighborhood.
  1. Finding which neighborhoods are the worst in air-quality
  1. Combining with 311 data from WPRDC to figure out some cool stuff.
  1. Talk to people, and think what more can be done.
PS. If you want some tips on using Tableau to visualize data, this tutorial from a former SUDSer can get you started. The video starts with pulling data from a public API, which we’re not doing here, you’ll have to bring the data in manually, but after that follow along.
PPS. If you tweet / insta / etc… #SUDSWorkNight