Data Skills Workshops recap: javascript viz and open city data

Thanks to everyone who’s been joining our SUDS Data Skills Workshops this semester! So far, we’ve heard from Alex Sciuto on using Javascript and D3.js for data visualization, and Bob Gradeck from the Western PA Regional Data Center on finding and using city data. It’s been awesome to dive into the many tools and resources out there that we can use to tackle our data dreams (or nightmares…). And we’re so grateful to have these gurus share with us!

Bob Gradeck schooling us in the ways of open city data
dataviz example
Example of a D3.js vizualization

Here’s a link to Bob’s hot tips on city data and to Alex’s presentation on GitHub (seriously great stuff in here).

We’ve still got a stacked deck of workshops remaining for the semester, including:

Hope to see you there! As with all SUDS events, workshops are free and open to all (including non-students).

And a big thanks to Krista Kinnard for coordinating our workshops! If you have any ideas for more topics, please contact us at