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Current Projects

Allegheny Land Trust’s Wingfield Pines

Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) is a land conservation and stewardship organization which serves the Pittsburgh region. The mission of ALT is to “serve as the lead land trust conserving and stewarding lands that support the scenic, recreational and environmental well-being of communities in Allegheny County and its environs.”[1] As of 2015, ALT owned 572 acres of land, including Wingfield Pines, a site in Upper St. Clair and South Fayette in the southwestern corner of Allegheny County. The site was affected by Abandoned Mine Drainage until ALT worked with an environmental engineer to design a natural filtration system. Abandoned Mine Drainage water flows through a series of ponds which remove oxides before the water reaches Chartiers Creek. Wingfield Pines also offers recreational opportunities for the public.

Wingfield Pines Pond Filtration System


“The treatment system brings groundwater from close by and directs it into pond 1 (A). The water is moved slowly into the pie shaped settling ponds entering pond 2 and exiting at pond 5 (B). As the water leaves pond 5, most of the iron has been extracted, but the wetlands (C) ensure any remaining iron left will fall out with the unique design and native plants that maximize oxygen mixture.”[2]

In April 2017, ALT approached SUDS for their help analyzing data collected at Wingfield Pines and designing data visualizations to demonstrate ALT’s impact at Wingfield Pines. The SUDS team members of this project have a diverse set of interests and backgrounds, including statistics, coding, and design. The team will complete the following:

  1. Clean, compile, and analyze data collected by a multitude of sources since 2011.
  2. Design data visualizations which convey the importance of ALT and Wingfield Pines for the public and donors.
  3. Embed data visualizations in ALT’s WordPress website.
  4. Ensure ALT has ability to independently update visualizations with new data in the future.

The team will present their visualizations to ALT in early August. The project will be finalized several weeks later following revisions and testing. ALT hopes to increase awareness and donations for Wingfield Pines as a result of this collaboration.

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[2] Allegheny Land Trust. “Wingfield Pines: Graphs and Analysis.”